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Office of the Electoral Commissioner

Other Management Bodies



Two other bodies work in close collaboration with the Electoral Commissioner's Office to assist in conducting free and fair elections in Mauritius - the Electoral Boundaries Commission and the Electoral Supervisory Commission.

  • The Electoral Boundaries Commission (E. B. C.)

The E. B. C. delimits and reviews the constituencies and their boundaries. It does so at such times as will enable it to present a report to the Assembly every 10 years. The Commission consists of a Chairman and, not less than two and not more than seven other members appointed by the President, acting after consultation with the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and such other persons as appear to the President, acting in his own deliberate judgement, to be leaders of parties in the Assembly.

  • The Electoral Supervisory Commission (E. S. C.)

This body has general responsibility for, and supervises the registration of electors and the conduct of elections. It consists of a Chairman appointed by the President and, not less than two and not more than seven other members. Such appointments are made in a similar fashion as that for the Electoral Boundaries Commission. Furthermore, the Commission has such powers and other functions relating to registration and elections as may be prescribed.

The composition of both the E. S. C. and E. B. C is as follows:-


Mr. Y. H. Aboobaker, C.S.K, S.C


Mr. D. Basset, S.C, G.O.S.K
Ms. N. Bundhun, S.C
Mr. O. D. Cowreea
Mr. G. A. Robert, S.A, G.O.S.K
Ms. V. D. Peerun
Mrs A. Ragavoodoo

Secretary :

Mr. S. Aujeet


Note: The members of the above commissions are not allowed to be a member of, or a candidate for election to the Assembly or any local authority, or be a public officer or local government officer.