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Office of the Electoral Commissioner

Mauritius is a sovereign democratic state, with a President as the Head of the state and its electoral system is based on first past the post one.

The present National Assembly comprises 62 elected members (the 20 Constituencies of Mauritius returning 3 members each whilst Rodrigues, the 21st constituency, returns 2 members). Furthermore, 8 additional seats are allocated to non-elected party candidates in order to ensure a fair and adequate representation of each community and party in the Assembly.
The Constitution of Mauritius sets out the management structure for the organisation and conduct of elections. It also provides for the delimitation of constituencies and the review thereof every 10 years or whenever the need arises.
The Representation of the People Act, the Rodrigues Regional Assembly Act, the Local Government Act and Regulations governing the National Assembly, Rodrigues Regional Assembly, Local Government Council Elections are, inter alia, the principal instruments governing the organisation and conduct of elections.
Electors queuing up patiently to exercise their civic rights