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Office of the Electoral Commissioner
Office of the Electoral Commissioner>Candidate and Voters Information

Candidate and Voters Information


Sensitisation of the public regarding house to house enquiries, registration of electors and elections is effected by the Electoral Commissioner's Office at appropriate times, by means of press releases, communiqu├ęs and spots on radio and TV and notices and posters affixed in conspicuous places throughout the island including Rodrigues and Agalega.
The items covered include, inter alia :-
Registration of Electors :
  particulars regarding qualifications of electors, closing date for registration, details on registration centres and their hours of operation
Elections :
dates appointed for Nomination and Poll, names of Returning Officers, details regarding Polling Stations, candidates, agents, measures to be implemented during Poll, voting procedures, application for proxies etc.
A few days before elections, Returning Officers hold meetings with candidates regarding election matters and the roles and responsibilities of candidates and agents.
Notices and instructions to voters are affixed in all Polling Stations on Poll Day for the guidance of electors.
Qualification of a Councillor - Sec. 12 - Local Government Act 2011
Disqualification of a Councillor - Sec. 13 - Local Government Act 2011