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Office of the Electoral Commissioner

Our Mission

  • To demonstrate excellence and leadership in electoral matters. To serve the needs of electors and legislators alike in an innovative, cost-effective and professional┬ámanner
  • To enforce electoral legislation and carry out all our statutory functions impartially, using resources efficiently, effectively and economically
  • To increase public confidence in the electoral system by the introduction of modern technology
  • To promote and maintain openness and transparency
  • To encourage best practice in the conduct and organization of elections
  • To encourage greater participation in, and increased understanding of, the democratic process
  • To make sure that all voters have access to the electoral system
  • To maintain an accurate register of electors for National Assembly Elections, Local Government Elections and Rodrigues Regional Assembly Elections
  • To provide training to election officers
  • To register political parties as and when required
  • To provide a level playing field to political parties so that elections are seen to be free and fair