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Office of the Electoral Commissioner

Constituency No. 20

of the General Elections for the Legislative Assembly
held on 30 August 1987
Constituency No. 20 - Beau Bassin and Petite Riviere
Total Number of Valid Votes: 28553
(Elected members are in bold characters)
Surname & Other Names Party Community Votes Scored %
DUVAL, Charles Gaëtan Parti Mauricien Social Democrate General Population 14945 52.341
BHAGWAN, Rajesh Anand L'Union MMM/MTD/FTS Hindu 14637 51.263
MINERVE, Marie Thérèse Joceline L'Union MMM/MTD/FTS General Population 14005 49.049
RIBOT, Louis Eric Wilson, also known as Wilson Ribot, Louis Eric L'Union MMM/MTD/FTS General Population 13705 47.998
FINETTE, Jean Regis Parti Mauricien Social Democrate General Population 13541 47.424
RAMDENEE, Roheet Parti Mauricien Social Democrate Hindu 12910 45.214
REY, Marie Joseph Jacques Robert Nil General Population 1181 4.136
JOOSEERY, Dev Patee Singh Lalit Sino-Mauritian 145 0.508
JANSON, Maria Helena Parti du Peuple Mauricien General Population 119 0.417
BHICOO, Baleeram OMT-FNAS Hindu 109 0.382
MATABUDUL, Anant-Kumar Nil Hindu 98 0.343
AH-VEE, Jean-Patrick Tony Lalit Hindu 93 0.326
JUMNOODOO, Adlutchmee Lalit Sino-Mauritian 73 0.256
MOOTOOSAMY, Cadresh OMT-FNAS Hindu 47 0.165
JOSONE, Louis Eddy, also known as Baby Joson Parti du Peuple Mauricien General Population 44 0.154
JOSEPH, Jean Marc OMT-FNAS General Population 7 0.025