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Mauritius is a sovereign democrati​c state, with a President as the Head of the state and its electoral system is based on fir​st past the post one.

The present National Assembly comprises 62 elected members (the 20 Constituencies of Mauritius returning 3 members each whilst Rodrigues, the 21st constituency, returns 2 members). Furthermore, 8 additional seats are allocated to non-elected party candidates in order to ensure a fair and adequate representation of each community and party in the Assembly.

Statistics On Registers

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Award of Certificates

2022 Election Management Capacity Building Program on Strengthening Voter Education conducted by A-WEB Secretariat Award of Certificates  The Electoral Commissioner presented a certificate to each

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Congratulations today to H.E Mr. Mohammad Irfan Abdool Rahman on 25 years as Electoral Commissioner of #Mauritius! As far as we know, this makes him

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Statistics on ​registers

An annual house to house enquiry is usually effected whereby our officers visit every householder in order to register electors.  Collected Statistics are compiled based on three categories

Why Should You Vote

Voting is not only our RIGHTIt is our POWERLoung Ung

“Voting is your civic duty.”

Voting gives you the power to decide who you want to elect. The MPs you help to elect will be making decisions on issues that you care about in every sectors.
By voting in the election you can support a candidate who will represent your views in parliament, and can influence the policy issues you care about.

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