Key Staff

The Electoral Commissioner
The Electoral Commissioner’s Office is headed by the Electoral Commissioner, whose office is a public one and who is appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission. Section 40 of our Constitution stipulates that:-

No person is qualified to hold or act in the office of Electoral Commissioner unless he is qualified to practice as a barrister in Mauritius.
In the exercise of his functions under the Constitution, the Electoral Commissioner shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority.

Electora​l Co​mmissioner

The Electoral Commissioner’s Office

 The Electoral Commissioner is assisted in his task by a Chief Electoral Officer, two Deputy Chief Electoral Officers, two Principal Electoral Officers, two Senior Electoral Officers, twelve Electoral Officers and other junior staff.

The twelve Electoral Officers are responsible for the 21 Constituencies of Mauritius for which they act as Registration Officers.

Name Designation Email Address
Mrs. V. COONJAN Chief Electoral Officer
Mrs. N. SEEWOO Deputy Chief Electoral Officer
Mrs. P. RAMWODIN Deputy Chief Electoral Officer
Mrs. R. B. FATAGAR Principal Electoral Officer
Mrs. S. RAMJUTTUN-DULMEER Principal Electoral Officer
Mrs. D. GOPAUL Senior Electoral Officer
Mr. V. SEECHURN Acting Senior Electoral Officer
Mrs. V. RAMBISSOON Electoral Officer
Mrs. Y. I. G. NARAIDOO-GOONIAH Electoral Officer
Mrs A. ADHIN-BHUGALOO Electoral Officer
Mrs N. KASSINATHDOSS Electoral Officer
Mr. C. NAICKEN Electoral Officer
Mrs M.D. BEEROO Electoral Officer
Mrs C BOODOO Electoral Officer
Mrs M. C. G. CALISTE Electoral Officer
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