Compilation of Register of Electors

A. House to house enquiry

An annual house to house enquiry is usually effected in January* whereby our officers visit every householder after office hours on weekdays and during weekends, in order to register electors. The relevant dates are widely publicized in the press, on radio and TV.

Every householder is called upon to complete a return as prescribed by law (Form B), whilst newly qualified electors have to fill in a declaration of qualification (Form C)

Failure to fill Form B or give false information therein is an offence and may, on conviction, entail a fine of Rs 500.

A circular letter, highlighting the legal aspects of the house to house enquiry and giving guidelines regarding completion of the relevant forms, is issued to every head of household.
Our officers will, upon request, assist electors in filling the relevant Forms.
Consequently it is advisable that the National Identity Card or in default the Act of Birth or Passport of every adult be kept handy.
Data collected on such prescribed Forms enable the compilation of provisional registers (Electors’ lists).

B. Registration of Electors

Usually in April or May*, the provisional registers of electors (Electors’ lists) are made available for consultation by the public during a fortnight at various registration centres throughout the country – after office hours on week days and Saturdays.

The relevant dates are widely publicized in the press, on radio and TV, as well as by means of notices and posters affixed in conspicuous places.
Members of the public are invited to call at these centres to either apply:
(i) for registration of their names, if the latter do not appear in the relevant electors’ lists; or
(ii) for corrections to entries concerning them

by filling in appropriate forms available at the centres.

They are invited to produce their National Identity Cards or in default thereof their Acts of Birth or Passports.

C. Registers of Electors

The final registers of electors, which are compiled thereafter, come into force on the 16th August* of each year and are available for consultation at the Electoral Commissioner’s Office and at Municipal and District Councils.

For enquiries contact:
Registry – Phone no: + (230) 241 – 7000
E-mail to:

* These dates can be varied following an order made by the Electoral Supervisory Commission after a request from the Electoral Commissioner.

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