Who is responsible for the preparation of each register?

Each Electoral Officer has been assigned specific constituencies for which he acts as Registration Officer and he takes steps to compile same within the prescribed time limit.
Who can register as elector?
Section 42 of the Constitution stipulates that a person shall be qualified to be registered as an elector if:
      -- he is a Commonwealth citizen of not less than 18 years of age
      -- either he has resided in Mauritius for a period of not less than 2 years immediately before the 1st January of the year in which he is seeking registration or he is domiciled in Mauritius and is a resident therein on the 1st of January.
What is the relevant date for determining the age qualification of 18 years?

Electors can be registered if they are already 18 or will attain 18 years of age by 15 August of every year.
What documents do I need to register?

It is advisable to produce your National Identity Card or in default your Birth Certificate or Passport.
When can I register as an elector?
A house to house enquiry is usually effected in January every year, when you can do so.

If you have failed to register during that period, you may still do so after the provisional registers of electors are published.

The relevant dates and other details are widely publicised in the press and on radio and TV at the appropriate times.

You are also welcome to e-mail, write or phone to our office for any other information.
Is it compulsory to register as an elector?
No. Registration is optional in Mauritius, but it is compulsory for the Head if each household to fill in a return (Form B) during house to house enquiry. Failure to fill Form B is an offence and the penalty is a fine not exceeding 500 rupees.
If I am living temporarily at a certain place can I register there?
No. You should register at your permanent place of residence.
I have shifted my residence, can I apply for a change of address at your office?
According to our legislation, you are entitled to be registered as an elector in the constituency where you were residing as at 1st January of that year.

If you have moved to another constituency after that date, no change can be entertained and your name will be kept in the register of the constituency where you were residing formerly.
You are advised to register yourself at your new address during the next house to house enquiry which is usually conducted in January.
I am a Mauritian living overseas. Can I register as an elector?
Our electoral law provides that only certain categories of persons who are abroad can be registered. They are:

   Any person, who, on the prescribed date -
(a) (i) holds the office of Ambassador, High Commissioner or other principal representative of Mauritius; or
     (ii) is a public officer required to perform duties on behalf of the Government  of Mauritius under a person specified in subparagraph (i), who is absent from Mauritius for the purpose of taking up his office or performing his duties; or
(b) is a member of the family of a person specified in paragraph (a) and forms part of his household;
How can I check if my name appears on the register of electors?

Registers of electors are available for consultation at our office and at our Municipal and District Councils.
Who can purchase the register of electors?
Only political parties may do so by applying in writing to the Electoral Commissioner as the registers of electors are compiled exclusively for electoral purposes.

Who can vote during elections?
Only those persons whose names appear in the register of electors.
Section 75 (1) of the Representation of the People Act stipulates:-
"No person shall be entitled to vote at an election for any electoral area unless his name is on the register of electors in force for that electoral area."
2. Is it compulsory to vote during elections in Mauritius?

When and how do political parties register?
Section 2 of the First Schedule of the Constitution lays down that political parties may be registered with the Electoral Supervisory Commission 14 days before Nomination Day for the election of members of the National Assembly.
Who supervise the elections?
The Electoral Supervisory Commission, the Electoral Commissioner and the Senior staff of the Electoral Commissioner's Office.
Who is responsible for an election in a particular Constituency?
The Returning Officer, working under the supervision of the Electoral Commissioner
In the course of my normal activities I often travel overseas, can I vote by proxy if I am abroad on Election Day?

No. Voting by proxy is restricted to certain categories of persons according to the regulations of the relevant elections e.g. for the National Assembly Elections only the following persons are entitled to vote by proxy:-
(a) members of the Police and election officers engaged in the performance of duties on election day;

(b) Service electors or any elector other than a service elector who is -
(i) serving as Ambassador, High Commissioner or other principal representative of Mauritius abroad; or

(ii) a public officer performing duties on behalf of the Government of Mauritius under a person specified in sub-paragraph (i); or

(iii) a member of the family of a person specified in subparagraph (i) or (ii) and forms part of his household abroad;
(c) any candidate duly nominated for election;

(d) any public officer who is an elector in Rodrigues and who is serving in the Island of Mauritius; and

(e) any public officer who is an elector in any constituency in the Island of Mauritius and who is serving in Rodrigues.
Details regarding other elections are available upon request.

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What was the voter turnout during the last National Assembly Elections?
725,236 out of 941,719 electors i.e. 77.01%​